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Keeping people’s jobs and businesses alive in the face of the pandemic is an ongoing challenge.  

Palm Beach Gardens man helps religious groups get same payroll help as businesses.

Chabad of Palm Beach Gardens, one of the religious institutions securing a federal Payroll Protection Program, or PPP, loan, with the help of financial advisor Daniel Gikher. (WPEC)


Religious institutions, while not money-making propositions, still have employees and payrolls.

And, they too have been affected by COVID-19.

Friday afternoon Rabbi Dovid Vigler of Chabad of Palm Beach Gardens conducted a Facebook Live, one of the many ways he stays connected with congregants online.

But that only goes so far.

“The fact that nobody can come to the synagogue in person means that engagement is down, and hence, donations are down,” said Rabbi Vigler.

Yet Vigler still must pay his staff, contractors, and other fixed expenses.

The topic came up as Rabbi Vigler recently performed a virtual home blessing.

“We did it over Zoom, a Zoom mezuzah,” said Vigler.

The blessing was for the brother of Daniel Gikher, a Palm Beach Gardens independent financial advisor, and president of PWG Financial, with offices in Florida and New York.

“So I asked (Rabbi Vigler), what about PPP money?” Gikher recalled.

PPP stands for Payroll Protection Program. The federal PPP loans, with the potential for complete forgiveness, have been hailed as a critical lifeline for businesses and workers, and a key to keeping the economy going.

Gikher said when he asked if Vigler had applied for a PPP loan, the rabbi replied he didn’t know he could.

Gikher, who had just navigated the system to obtain his own PPP loans, then helped Chabad of Palm Beach Gardens get theirs.

“That was a major revelation to us, to learn how much of an incredible opportunity our government has provided us, to help us through this very difficult time,” said Rabbi Vigler.

“Nonprofits all over the country are eligible — chabad’s, any church, any religious institution, any 501(c)(3) is eligible,” said Gikher. “And the accountants, advisors, attorneys aren’t all in the loop.”

Once Gikher assisted the Gardens Chabad, word spread, and Gikher quickly got dozens, if not hundreds, of inquiries.

“And it led to me just going on a mitzvah spree, doing PPP applications for Chabad’s across the country,” said Gikher.

Despite putting in 20-hour days for much of the past month, Gikher said it’s worth it to spread the word that help is also available for not-for-profits.

“We had some start-up’s and some Chabad’s, and some other businesses that were on the verge of closing down, and we helped many of those people,” said Gikher, who’s also helping the various entities take advantage of the forgiveness element of the PPP loans.

Gikher has information on the PPP loans through his company’s website and Facebook page.

“Hospitals are places that save people’s lives, but houses of worship, Chabad’s, are places that make life worth living,” said Rabbi Vigler.